Breaking It Down In Smaller Steps: Other 4 Dimensions of Wellness Part 2

When I'm starting something new or practicing a new habit, I like to remind myself to keep it simple. I tell myself start small, take one step, and build confidence. Each day, we have choices that are leading us towards who we want to be or taking us further away. Let's take a look together... Continue Reading →

What We Each Can Control: 8 Dimensions of Wellness -Part 1

When we take care of ourselves and get our needs met, I notice we bring our best versions out in all we do. Are you a Human In Progress who neglects areas of wellness and well-being habits at times? While there are many aspects in our lives beyond our control, let's choose what we can... Continue Reading →

Belonging in a World of Loneliness

Hello belonging Human In Progress. Belonging and loneliness has been on my mind again lately with the way the world has been these past years, although alarms reverberated with concern for most of us even before then. There has been research on how loneliness and social isolation are linked to serious health conditions according to... Continue Reading →

Hallmarks of a Better Communicator

Most of us know how communication works between two or more parties. One is expressive, another receptive. I notice we can fall into level one listening, where individuals think of what they are going to say next while the other person is speaking. Some of us often listen for ourselves without ever realizing. At times,... Continue Reading →

The Wonder of Human In Progress (HIP)

Daily practice of rediscovering wonder in the world, within myself, and in others has prompted me to contemplate the we as modern humans. Imagine the wonder of the impact of saying to ourselves and the exchange with others when both say I am a Human In Progress. The impact then flows...By practicing self-compassion and empathy... Continue Reading →

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