The Wonder of Human In Progress (HIP)

Daily practice of rediscovering wonder in the world, within myself, and in others has prompted me to contemplate the we as modern humans. Imagine the wonder of the impact of saying to ourselves and the exchange with others when both say I am a Human In Progress. The impact then flows…By practicing self-compassion and empathy towards ourselves, we can have a positive impact that allows us to extend greater understanding, kindness, and empathy towards others.

Simple. Clear. I declare I’m a Human In Progress who has been through life, who is imperfect, dynamic and makes mistakes. I know saying this aloud has helped me to lessen the inner anguish when it was most needed. I recognize I’m imperfect and dynamic, and it’s taken deep rooted work to recognize I’m more than alright with flaws. After all, we each have our strengths and weaknesses, our positive and negative traits, and our areas of improvement.

Let me declare and introduce you: I’m a Human In Progress. I have strengths and weaknesses. I have positive and negative traits. I have better days, some off days because I’m a Human In Progress. I’m working at this thing called life, and I’m doing the best I can with what I have. If you would be willing, permission to give it a try saying this declaration aloud.

Mucho gusto, Ravie de faire ta connaissance. Xìnɡhuì. Aapase milakar khushi hui. Mannaseo Bangawoyo. Tasharrafna. Nice to meet you.

I wonder by recognizing these simple, clear declarations for ourselves and for others…. What would this first step in taking ownership of our humanness with mistakes look like? Simple. Clear. We all make them. What some of us neglect to do is take ownership, take responsibility for them, and the same for consequences modeled as a modern human. It’s what we’re taught in school as children; it’s okay to make mistakes, own up to them, taking responsibility where needed, watch your manners, follow guidelines, admit when we’re wrong, talk it through, use your wise words, take some space, ask for help where needed, forgive as best you can, make amends, take accountability, face the consequences, work together, learn team building skills, and move forward.

At times, I observe someone simply claiming their Human In Progress gift bag and in appreciation when they do. I wonder in taking this step would help take off some of the reptilian brain reactions we all have at given times in our lives such as finger pointing, criticizing rather than constructive feedback, judging others which comes less if we judge ourselves less, blaming others and every thing other than taking our own accountability, stonewalling, cutting off, canceling one and done, shaming others coming from our own shame, calling out rather than calling in. The world would be a different place with calling in others and turning over and turning over conversations together.

Calling in fellow Human In Progress.


2 thoughts on “The Wonder of Human In Progress (HIP)

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  1. I think this is a conversation we all need to have and recognize where we are. I think this will get more people thinking about how we’re showing up or not, which is a much needed discussion.


  2. These are definitely points to think about how we’re each showing up. Our egos can live in such righteousness, offenses, defenses, hurt.


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