What We Each Can Control: 8 Dimensions of Wellness -Part 1

When we take care of ourselves and get our needs met, I notice we bring our best versions out in all we do. Are you a Human In Progress who neglects areas of wellness and well-being habits at times? While there are many aspects in our lives beyond our control, let’s choose what we can control. When we make time for ourselves, the effect impact us in other areas of our lives, our relationships with others, with ourselves, work, and home life. Too often people will say they’re too busy, distracted and as dynamic beings, we fail to make time for these areas and it shows. Onwards with our wellness by controlling what we can in these areas. I know, for me, I need these frequent reminders.

4 Dimensions of Wellness Part 1


  • Self-awareness of our feelings, accept that we have negative and positive feelings, both are human, and notice and acknowledge the source of your reactions or responses.
  • Build up being assertive; not aggressive, not passive aggressive, simply assertive and speak up where needed.
  • Create friendship with yourself; talk to yourself like you would with a worthy friend or pet. Affirm I belong here just like anyone else. I deserve my own thoughts, feelings, and opinions as long as we ask ourselves before speaking: is it true, is it necessary, is it helpful?
  • Learn to trust again, to love again, to open up again for those who need this.
  • Learn what works for us on handling stress, irritations, perceived setbacks, disappointments.
  • Explore who we are and what our values are. Check in with ourselves: do my actions align with values or not?
  • Create and nurture reciprocated, caring relationships. Am I spending time with supportive, positive minded people?


  • Listen to your body and your phsycial needs. Honor if you need to adjust, reset, restart as many times as you need.
  • Appreciate your body as it is. Also connect with emotional part on creating friendship with yourself. Affirm I’ve been listening to the negative voice.
  • Be informed of choices you hold.
  • Build up your exercises at your pace and challenge yourself where you can when you’re ready. Do what you can and go from there.
  • Choose well-balanced diet, get nutrition from daily choices.
  • Ask yourself: Am I hungry, angry, lonely, or tired? Basic needs not being met affects our body.
  • Choose sober life or responsible drinking. The choice can make a major difference in our brains and body.
  • Self-aware of my choices every day on what I put into my body: substances, chemicals, caffeine, food. Affects my emotions and body.
  • Affirm I can improve my body strength, flexibility, my health by choosing to walk or chair exercises or any type of exercise based on my needs. Do what we can and challenge we will.
  • Consult medical evaluation to prevent furhter illness, injury.


  • Acknowledge and commit to being an ever learner in life. Every experience, person, relationship teaches us something.
  • Aspire to hold new moments rather than things, new experiences rather than things.
  • Be open to new experiences and ideas as we change, life changes. We’re not the same as life happens.
  • Commit to developing new skills, learning new subjects, and try new ways of learning. Expand our minds.
  • Practice expanding confidence in time and stress management. Adapt and create new reminders, new ways to make you successful.
  • Develop listening skills. Most people listen to respond or try to hear themselves. Go beyond, listen to what’s underlying, what’s missing, to the whole person globally.


  • Create and nurture relationships. We each need to belong and need each other.
  • We each can do what we can, some can do more, and responsbility for all of us humans in progress. It’s like the army; no human gets left behind and if one of our fellow army member needed an arm to make it through on safe terrority that’s what we can do on our part i.e. help those less fortunate or struggling with mental health.
  • Challenge ourselves to get uncomfortable talking about other peoples’ situations we don’t understand.
  • When we judge ourselves less, accept ourselves as we are, we can accept others no matter who they are or what life experiences we all have.
  • Expand our minds to know we have similar humanness and human needs. The world, different cultures share smiliar needs and issues. Let’s start with our similarities and go from there. When we meet someone different looking or speaking differently, let’s both start with our similarities first.
  • Acknowledge being responsbile humans is treating each other with respect, kindness, understanding, and care. And we don’t have sub humans.
  • Advocate for basic humans.

As a fellow Human In Progress, I know I need these frequent reminders. We do what we can and manage what we can in these areas. When we make a choice to manage and act in these areas, we can make a larger impact. I certainly have noticed a difference. The other four Dimensions of Wellness are next.

Digital Core Values prompt, 8 Dimensions and Smart Goals prompts available to help you stay focused:


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