Breaking It Down In Smaller Steps: Other 4 Dimensions of Wellness Part 2

When I’m starting something new or practicing a new habit, I like to remind myself to keep it simple. I tell myself start small, take one step, and build confidence. Each day, we have choices that are leading us towards who we want to be or taking us further away. Let’s take a look together at the other four dimensions of wellness and start making choices. When we make any of these choices, we are setting ourselves up for success in other areas of our lives.


  • Gain self-awareness of how our outside environments affect us physically, mentally, emotionally.
  • Take note of what we’re choosing to hear, who we’re listening to, what we’re watching. We choose the stations and it’s for our well-being to consider several evidence based sources.
  • Create our home environment by considering if it is quiet, safe, and gives positive feelings.
  • Keep designing your space the way you like and recreate as needed. Ask yourself what do you need in your space?
  • Practice local and global awareness. 1 in 4 people don’t have access to water. How can I use what I only need? Do I really need that? How can I help the overall problems? How can I use less plastic? How can I downsize? There is a much larger world than just me and the people I know.

Purpose, Philosophy, Legacy:

  • Get clear on your values (There is a digital values prompt found at Etsy shop: EmpoweryouDesign)
  • Become aware of how your values develop and change from life experiences.
  • Recognize others have different values and work together from similarities.
  • Take time to explore meaning of life and what’s important to you.
  • Align with your values and ensure you’re living them out. There is discomfort either if you do or don’t.
  • Recognize basic human values: We all want to be loved, belong, and feel worthy. Most of our communication problems arise from lack of feeling these.
  • Ask myself am I reacting out of fear that keeps me from leaning in and towards my purpose?
  • Getting into habit of beyond myself: After helping myself, who can I help, how can I contribute, where do I need to go, who do I need to talk with?
  • Ask myself who do I serve, idolize: Is it music, is it celebrities, things, cars, fame, social media, attention? Will it matter in 10, 20, 50 years from now?
  • Reflect on what is my legacy and how have I contributed to helping the human race? Am I leaving it better than I found it or am I a part of the problem by how I’m acting or being silent on issues?


  • Utilize resources of the many career opportunities out there.
  • Navigate interests, skill sets, strengths and use your values as a guide in career choices and career satisfaction.
  • Reflect on your career choice and how it affects other parts of you life.
  • Recognize your strengths, areas of improvements, and your transferable skills from one job to another.
  • Recognize that some people may choose a profession that other generations chose before them, stay in it and may not be happy with it, others based on Super’s theory will change careers throughout their lives as their needs change.
  • Continuously improve your skills such as cooperation, communications, conflict resolution, solutions, generational differences, negotiation. By doing this, we will also improve other areas of wellness for ourselves and able to broaden the impact we make.


  • Budget, budget, budget and try to live within your means.
  • Learn and utilize resources on credit, personal accounts, investments, retirement.
  • Try to relax and stay clear of additional stress.
  • Even if in over your head, there are resources and ask for help where you can.
  • Start small, take one step at a time.
  • Consult a financial planner.
  • Diversify investments and/or sources of income.

Digital Core Values prompt, 8 Dimensions and Smart Goals prompts available to help you stay focused:


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